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When you notice every movement in your body, you realize how much control you have in your mind. That's the power of pilates.



An individualized approach to your Pilates experience. This is the best way to start pilates as your instructor can focus completely on your needs and work with you on improving your core strength as efficiently as possible. Includes a comprehensive postural analysis and utilizes various Pilates equipment, including: Reformer, trapeze table, spine corrector, arc & ladder barrels, stability chair, and spring-wall. All private classes are 55 mins and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Great for injury rehabilitation and for those with limited movement or those wanting to reach specific goals.




Duet Sessions are an excellent way to experience the personalization of a Private Session while training with a friend or spouse. Classes are limited to 2 participants and you will utilise the pilates apparatus such as reformer, trapeze table, chair and barrel. Both partners do not have to be of the same experience or level of fitness as each partner will have their own personal program to cater to their specific needs. 



Our group classes are held on the reformer, chair or springboard. Our apparatus classes are evolved, challenging, and results-driven, leaving clients with a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness. To maintain the experience of the class, we require all new clients without prior pilates experience to have a minimum of 3 private sessions before enrolling in group apparatus class.

If you have a condition that requires personal attention, are just coming out of rehab, or coming back from a pregnancy, we may ask that you take private lessons until you are ready to return to group classes.  This ensures your safety and well being as well as providing continuity to the class experience for the other participants.

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