A Boutique Pilates Studio with an Urban Vibe

Zenith Pilates provides an intimate experience in a private and cosy studio offering sessions to fit your personal needs.


We use Balanced Body equipment in our studio, including the state of the art Allegro 2 reformers, for our group classes. We provide personalised private, duet and group classes on reformer, Exo chair and Pilates springboard. 


Classes are progressive, tailored solely to achieve each client's personal goals.  We work with our clients' strengths, weaknesses and muscle imbalances to gain optimal results.



All of our instructors have gone through extensive & highly-respected Pilates certification programs and have years of teaching experience under their belts. Each instructor is able to diagnose a client’s movements and prescribe regimens that tone and target specific muscle groups, increase flexibility, and strengthen the body to prevent injuries.


Joanne's love for pilates started since her first pilates class while living in London in 2000. She was hooked by the holistic and physical changes of her mind and body after a year of pilates practice. After returning to Malaysia in 2003 she took up teacher training under Meridian Pilates, Canada and has been teaching since then. Since becoming a mother in 2005, Joanne has taken a keen interest in working with pre/post natal women. Having exercised and taught pilates through her entire 3 pregnancies she has experienced the benefits of exercise for both mother and child from pregnancy, to delivery and beyond. Armed with over a decade of teaching and movement experience, she is thrilled to bring her enthusiasm and passion for the art of movement for others to fulfill their goals, whatever they may be. 



Dehressa stumbled upon Pilates after a back injury, and has been practicing Pilates since 2004. She fell in love with the method upon realizing the significance of its principles and benefits, and in 2005 she took her Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates. Her decade of experience has provided her a platform to work with a diversified clientele. Her passion for the method is infectious, and her positive energy and attention to detail has helped a multitude of clients in various levels of fitness. She is also a specialist in pre and post natal pilates with a certification from The Women's Center in Colorado. 





Jules always had a passion for exercise and everything related to health and the healing arts. A trained Physiotherapist and remedial massage therapist, Jules’ classes are a unique combination of her Pilates training, physiotherapy knowledge and her extensive experience in hands-on bodywork.

Her classes are technical yet thoughtful, emphasizing movement quality and fluidity, using gentle verbal and tactile corrections that will help you gain clarity and definition. Jules also believes in the healing power of an integrated mind, body and spirit, and her aim is to assist her clients to cultivate a healthy mind-body relationship within themselves by unlocking mental limitations through movement.